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Seminar and Tournament: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Address: 87a Adolphe Buyl Avenue, 1050 Brussels (Sport Center E1)

Sayonara Party; Saturday from 20:00 Same place


How to get there:

From the airport:

There are two main airports next to Brussels:

From Zaventem you have 3 ways to reach the sport center

Bus n°21 or 12 to Diamant stop than take a tram n°7 to Buyl station than walk up the street

Train to central station than take bus 71 station Buyl than walk

Taxi (give the driver destination)

From Charleroi (Brussels south) - Bus leaving the airport to the south train station of Brussels where you can catch metro

Useful website :

Public transport:



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Les 1er cours sont toujours gratuits!
Pas besoin de payer pour découvrir le naginata!